VideoFrame - Photo and Video frames App Reviews

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They really need to get rid of all the ads and open up more frames. Come on! We arent freaking banks and ATMs.


I love using this app for family and friend pictures

Fun app

Awesome app

From day one Ive had no issues with this app...


Its better than other apps; I just wish they had more frames and all the frames were unlocked


Constantly lagging, ads pop up so often you can barely use the app itself, and it doesnt properly edit the photo/videos to fit Instagram.

Awesome app!

I love making photo/video collages with this app! Its very user friendly!!


honestly doing it for the frames

Great app

I love this app


Very good!!


Nothing special gets the job done

Its great

The app is great


This works great! I recommend it!!!!

Too much ads

Horrible app pop ads, click ads and just ads, ads

Love it

I like adding videos and pics one place and this app does a good job


This app is terrible. Cant upload anything. Keeps crashing. Waste of money.

Cool App

I like being able to add video to the picture collage.

Time wasted

It is not free, is just a try version dont waste your time.

Love the combo picture and video collage

Not impressed...

The app puts frames around videos and lets you pick a certain area of a horizontally shot footage in a frame (left half, portion of left half, etc.), but the process straight up busts the resolution. Makes it EXTREMELY blurry. Wont use again until this issue is solved.

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